Back in October as COVID travel restrictions were easing I was lucky enough to arrange a four-day trip to the Greek Island of Corfu. This was my first visit to the island and with the travel restrictions of the past year my first trip abroad in over a year, so I was keen to make the most of any photographic opportunities. As time and transport were limited, I focused my attention to the capital Corfu Town and surrounding area.

 Travel photography comes in many forms from perfectly groomed, beaches, hotels, streets and historic sites that we see in travel brochures or guidebooks, to a more gritty journalistic style of photography. My approach has always been to photography a place as I find it and not edit out the rubbish or people but give a view of what the genuine curios traveller may find as they wonder around. As with all photography I’m interested in the light but not just that of dawn or dusk but also harsh midday light that creates a large dynamic range from highlights to shadows. Not all travellers have the luxury of waiting for that perfect light particularly if your trip is only a couple of days. These photographs were taken with both film (Ilford FP4 B&W and Kodak Portra 160 colour) and digital using a Leica M6 TTL film and Leica M240 digital cameras with 28mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses. The film was hand processed and scanned and all editing was done in Lightroom. I gave the digital images a treatment to match the film as close as possible. Enjoy!