Still Life - Cambridge English Dictionary "a painting or drawing of an arrangement of objects that do not move, such as flowers or fruit"

Still life has been at the centre of the art world for centuries with great artist such as Rembrandt, Goya and Monet. With the birth of photography in the 1800s still life became very popular largely because the subject remained still which complimented the long exposure times required.

Today still life photography is an art form in it's own right, using traditional mediums such as film, combined with the technical wizardry of computer software enabling the photographer to create amazing and often surreal images. Though many still life photographers such as Jonathan Knowels and  Shihya Kowatari are also advertising photographers the work is very different. In advertising the photographer is often working to a brief laid down by a client in still life the photographer has total creative control from capturing the imagine to it's manipulation in the darkroom or on computer.

Having worked as a commercial photographer I have been used to producing images for clients, this work is purely based on my own imagination and whims. The photographs are taken on either digital or film cameras and then manipulated using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

I hope you enjoy the work and all images are available for purchase either as prints or downloads.