Manchester! Home of mills, Lowry, Oasis, Brit-Pop, Coronation Street, Cold Feet,  ManUnited and the BBC. This Northern power house which was at the centre of the Industrial Revolution, experienced mass decline and deprivation in the 60’s & 70’s and finally went through rebirth in the 1990’s. Today Manchester is one of the UK’s leading cultural centres, with the Lowry Centre and Media City now inhabiting the once derelict old docks. On a very wet and dull two day visit, I wanted to capture something of the essences of this now modern city which inspired Lowry to paint it’s industrial beauty. Much of the city has been completely modernized but there are parts such as the Northern Quarter and Salford Quays which give you glimpses of it’s industrial heritage. Inspired by Lowry’s paintings I wanted to keep the colours subdued, apart from reds and orange which stand out in his paintings and kept the skyies deliberately light and lacking definition. All photographs were taken using the new Fuji X-Pro3 with a 16mm F2.8 lens. I hope you enjoy my tribute to this wonderful city.