During the Covid-19 Lockdown the Scouts of 1st Woodcutts have been undertaking various badges. One of these has been the Scouts Photographer Activity Badge.

To be awarded this badge the Scouts must achieve the following;

Produce six black and white photographs, based on a theme of your choice. Explain the steps you took to create them and the impact of using black and white as an alternative to colour images. You could produce high quality prints on photographic paper or present them on screen.

Show that you know the main settings on a digital camera or a smartphone camera. This should include focus and exposure control, and flash settings. Explain the impact of shutter speed and aperture size on the image. Describe what accessories are available to use with digital cameras or smartphone cameras.

Edit a selection of your images, using editing software on a computer or using an app on a smartphone. This could include cropping, colour, contrast or light levels. Explain what you have changed and how it improved your image.

Diagnose typical faults that happen at the photographing or editing stages, such as over or under exposure and high or low contrast.

Explain how to reduce camera shake and how to respond to subject movement. Show that you know how to care for a digital camera or smartphone camera.

I have been working with the Scout using online video tutorials to explain the elements required. Here are the fruits of their labours. WELL DONE SCOUTS.